Plant a Row for the Hungry is a national campaign aimed at reducing hunger in our nation by providing local food banks with fresh, seasonal produce grown by community members. According to the US Department of Agriculture, thirty-three million people including 13 million children live in households that experience hunger or the risk of hunger. This represents one in ten households in the United States.1 Millions of poor children suffer from chronic under-nutrition, the under-consumption of essential nutrients and food energy. The risk of nutrient deficiencies that can lead to serious health problems, including impaired cognitive development, growth failure, physical weakness, anemia and stunting.2

The Plant a Row (PAR) garden at Fountain Gate Gardens is maintained by a group of Master Gardener Volunteers of Cobb County. Read more about the mission and history of this garden here.

In the 5,000 square foot PAR garden at Fountain Gate, Master Gardeners expect to grow approximately 3,000 pounds of fresh produce each year! This produce is donated to the Center for Family Resources in nearby Marietta, GA.

Learn more about the national PAR movement here.


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2Tufts University School of Nutrition -- Center on Hunger, Poverty & Nutrition Policy, March 1995
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